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ZenTip #1- Keeping your Frame

This is probably one of the most important life lesson you can learn.  It applies to all your relationships in life.  If you can follow this advice, your career and love life will blossom.  If you fail at it, do not expect to see longterm success or happiness…. I’m serious….

What I am about to explain is very controversial and femenists and beta males will not agree.  But I need to relay this message to my fellow guys and anyone who is willing to listen.

The most important thing a man can do is to Keep His Frame.  What is frame you say?  Frame is the concept of keeping control of the social interaction in any given setting. You can even keep your frame with anyone, including your boss.  You  are the person that imputing in the social command; not reacting to it.  It is through the frame in which you get to exude your masculine confidence.  Men without strong frames will simply succumb to people who have stronger frame.  Never ever let your frame go!!

For attracting the opposite sex, your frame correlates directly to how attractive you are to the world.  Men without frame have low self-esteem and confidence.  Men with strong frame are able to influence others.  When two people meet and make eye contact, the person who has a stronger frame and more confidence will be able to influence each other 100% of  the time.



Do not let your frame be influenced by ANYONE. Set your own frame and set your own power. Women will naturally be attracted to you and other men will envy you.

If you look at the most successful people in the world, like Donald J.Trump, Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, they all had the strongest frames known to man. The world had their eyes on them and many expected them to fail. If they let their frame be influenced by others, then they wouldn’t have achieved what they achieved. Learn to keep your frame. I am practicing that myself. Thank you for reading.

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