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Why People Respect Donald Trump

Love Him

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. In many ways, he symbolizes the continuation of the American dream. Donald Trump built on the successes of his forefathers and turned it into a billion dollar company. Through his charisma, excellent salesmanship and lots of grits, he traversed the real estate industry, jumped into reality television, started brand-selling for passive income, and his most profitable venture yet, building 5 star golf courses. Donald Trump is a worldwide phenomenon that defied the traditional ways of thinking and made the world question its own societal system. Donald Trump is a glitch in the system and a blessing in disguise. He single-highhandedly ushered in a new age of politics.

Donald Trunp’s Unique

In many ways, Donald Trump is the most unique individual to ever grace the face of the earth. I’ve talked to many Buddhist monks and although not everyone agrees with his actions, many of them agree that the Trump-man is “self actualized”. What does that mean? Being self-actualized means that you projecting out the the public your true core. Often times, our true cores are masked by social pressures and our own egos. We hold ourselves back from expressing what we truly believe in because of the way our ego interacts with our subconscious mind. Trump however, uniquely expresses himself in every aspect of his life. From the way he combs his hair, to the funny way he says “millions and billions of dollars” and to the way he moves his hands in funny accordion-like motions. Many people may not like it, but at the end of the day, you have to admit he is a person who believes in himself so much that no amount of put-downs can change it. That is the kind of confidence many people can respect.

He Never Backs Down

Donald Trump never backs down from a challenge or the fear of failure. That is something many of us can learn. Whenever someone attacks Donald Trump, he counter attacks. When someone sues Donald Trump, he counter-sues and then will keep counter-suing until that person runs out of money. During the Trump-Clinton debates, Trump had Bill Clinton’s former rape victims sitting in the front lane, staring Hilary Clinton down. It is with that kind of tenacity and brute force, do you accomplish your most absolute goals. People can say that it is unprofessional for him to resort to using such tactics. But I will defend him there because we are talking about the corrupt American politics. In the field of politics, Machiavellian tactics come out on top and that is called “playing the game”. Trump taught us that we need tenacity to win any type of challenge. When a challenge appears in your face, you do not run or be comfortable. You ATTACK it head on with every single fiber of your being. When you wake up in the morning and have a hard time getting out of bed, you ATTACK that with every single fiber of willpower you can muster and get the fuck out of bed. When you have the fear of talking to a girl because she is too hot and you have low self confidence, you ATTACK that fear and go in for the kill. Trump taught us to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK. ATTACK any situation that is holding you back. When you conquer that fear, only then can you achieve real confidence.

He Doesn’t Give Up

Donald Trump also never gives up under any circumstance. During the 1990’s when his Atlantic City Hotels were on the verge of bankruptcy, he spent hours and hours each day trying to negotiate the term for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Normal people would consider it a huge blunder and probably would not make it out financially. Trump made it out, and not only did he make it out; he returned to his real estate business stronger than ever. During the 2016 Presidential election, Trump worked tirelessly in his campaigning. Two weeks before the election, all the news media outlets were reporting that Hillary would win and Trump would have no chance. What did Trump do? He proved the media wrong. Two weeks before the election, Hillary stopped campaigning. She fed onto the belief that she won and just took a step back and felt comfortable. Trump did the complete opposite. He campaigned and campaigned. Sometimes he would campaign in 3 different states in 1 day. He worked and worked until the day of the election. Even then, he campaigned some more. That kind of work ethic paid off. He was able to secure more votes than ever and actually win the election by a huge landslide. That is the kind of hard work that most people find inspirational about Donald Trump. However, the news media do not report this.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is an inspirational character. He single highhandedly changed the political landscape of the world forever. Talk about world-wide impact. He is on a level higher than Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, etc. Formerly, politicians would mudslinging(make accusations) of rival politicians to great effect. Recent statistics of the polls show that Americans are so numb to the political mudslinging that bashing another candidate has a much lessening effect. This requires politicians to use different tactics to get votes. Trump has changed America politics forever and has 3 more years of solidifying that change.

Hes Batman

This post is not to convince everyone to like Donald Trump. Instead, this post is to bring into light the good that Trump has brought us and into the world. We may not believe in all of his actions, but we have to respect the effectiveness and accomplishments the man has done. Becoming a President of the United States despite coming in as an outsider is no simple feat. We must respect what the man has brought us and respect the effect he has on the world landscape. My dream is to have a united world filled with peace and love. The old way wasn’t working so we are tearing it down and building a new one. The new generation of millennial that follow after this will be much more united. Donald Trump is not the hero we like, but the hero we need.

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