What I learned from Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an extreme sport.  You are stuck 5,000 feet in the air and could potentially fall to your death.  The only thing that is protecting you from certain death is the rope.  But who trust stupid ropes anyways right?

Rock climbing is both a mental and physical sport.  It is all about physically overcoming challenges and believing in yourself.  I’ve had multiple instances when I just started rock climbing and did not know how to get up.  Despite everything, I couldn’t find the correct foot path up and was stuck between the air and ground.  What the fuck do I do? Do I admit defeat and surrender?  Hell no! I will do whatever it takes to find a way up.  I will scrape my knee on the rock and bare whatever pain that may come.  It was either I die here or make it across.  I will put my feet in the most painful positions, where all the weight will snap my ankle if that means climbing 1 inch higher.  I will not stop until I reach the top and my body will go through everything and anything to overcome it.  And that is what rock climbing means to me.

Rock climbing is directly overcoming an obstacle and completely being in the moment.  When you’re climbing, you’re not looking elsewhere.  You don’t look down and see yourself hanging from a cliff and a long dangerous drop.  Instead, you focus on getting up and going to the top.  Fuck all your fears, you are going to get through this or else you can hang on to the cliff for the rest of your life.  Life waits for no one and neither is being stuck 5,000 feet in the air.

Rock climbing requires a lot of  bravery and a knack for adventure. You’re going to be uncomfortable no matter what. But when you finally overcome an obstacle, you are the man. You conquered your fear of heights and a physical barrier.

The reward is amazing. The feeling is victorious. I urge everyone to go rock climbing. Better yet, rock climb with me.

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