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The Homeless Problem in San Francesco

Such A Big Problem… Its Yuuuuge

The homeless problem in San Francisco is a huge problem.  I’ve never seen so many homeless people and I lived Newark (super ghetto) for six years.  There are a variety of factors that contribute to such a huge homeless boom in that area.


The weather in that area is amazing… It is 60-70 degrees from fall to spring time… Yes, that includes very mild winters and nice temperatures during the fall and spring.. During the summertime, you can’t die from the heatwave because it never gets above 100 degrees… until now since global warming might be real.

Economic factors

In the past decade there is a huge tech boom which spurred many “wan-trepeneurs” and tech geeks to the area.  Flocks of startup and techies all entered the area hoping to to strike gold.  Famous tech companies like Facebook, Tesla, Google and Apple all reside in the Bay Area. There is definitely no shortage of talent.  However, there is a huge shortage of housing for non techies and entrepreneurs.  As wealthy techies and entrepreneurs start making more and more money, the house prices start skyrocketing.  People who once lived in San Francesco for many years are now being evicted. But where do these people go? They go and reside on the streets.  Now with a huge growing community of homeless, there is even less reasons to leave! Why leave when your best friend is homeless next to you?

Economic and Frugal Landlords

The housing bubble in San Francesco has crashed before during the Dot Com Era burst.  When the Dot Com Era housing bubble busted, thousands of people were left homeless and many startups left shop.  This left room for cheaper housing right??? WRONG… many of the landowners refused to lower their rent too much in fear that tenants would stay in their houses for too long.  They would rather take a couple months or years of not making too much money than having a tenant living there for life.  This greedy move and mindset was shared by a lot of the landowners which kept the housing prices high to this day.

Social Tolerance

The extremely liberal government is extremely tolerant of homeless people.  In fact, San Francesco is the most liberal city in the United States.  Percentage wise, there is the most amount of gay and flamboyant people.  Because of such openness to the “weirdness” of society, it allowed these communities to grow. The old school hippies started off in San Francesco… They were the weirdos of the time but tolerated there.  The tech nerds who were once made fun of and bullied in school also found solace in San Francesco.  Now, the homeless people are finding solace in San Francesco….

Big Tech influence

Who do you think has the most power in San Francesco? The political factions right? The liberals and special interest right? Well who has the most money? The big tech corporations have the most money and can influence the most things in that area.  For example, San Fran can afford to build low income housing but as a city, they decide not to. Have you ever wondered why they didn’t? They would rather build more high income housing for the techies that are still flocking in (Silicone Valley is not dead).  Big tech corporations are turning a blind eye to the economic inequality.  As the newer tech generations settle in, they get trapped more  and more into their social bubble. Generations ago, tech programmers would work real jobs while learning how to program. They actually experienced real life. In today’s time, young techies do not have real world experience. Because of how competitive the coding scene is, most young kids dedicate their entire life to learning how to code. As a result, they never learn other essential life skills that the older techies have learned.  The younger generation code and code their entire life.. Some never even leave the area and as such, it creates an innovation bubble which Silicone Valley has a huge problem with right now. Don’t believe me? Ask Chris Sacca!

The Problems This Cause

So with all these problems coming together to form a huge homeless problem… the question lies in what should we do? Having a huge gathering of homeless makes the entire city unsafe and unappealing to tourists.  I have met many wealthy people who want to live in America and those that visited San Francesco were all turned off by the immense homeless population. Car jacks and crime is booming. I literally saw one guy post a sign on his car that says ” There is nothing to steal”.  How sad is that? The entirely liberal government is unable to take care of the homeless problem.  On top of that, Los Vegas is offering free greyhound buses to San Francesco.  How appealing is it for homeless people, who have nothing to lose to just pack everything and leave to a new city where there is a huge social group to support their activities..

Balance of Democracy Vs Totalitarism

I think the problem lies in the American government.. America was founded on freedom and expression… The ideas of letting people do whatever they want and to be free is actually self harming to its citizens… As a result of too much freedom… later generations of immigrants fall into the comfort phase in which they are never to escape their social ladder.  There is a saying that the first generation creates the wealth, the second generation keeps the wealth and the third generation loses the wealth.  I find that to be very true.  My parents came from China to work  14 hour days, 7 days a week in order for me to have a good life.  I can say that I live a very good life where I am not going through a fraction of their struggles.  Instead I am able to focus my energy on pursuits that I find interesting, like writing this blog.

I think China has the right mindset and culture when it comes to fast and efficient improvement.  America is “free” but it is not efficient.  With the government split in two, there is way too much bureaucracy.  Nothing gets done and everything gets stalled. I travel around to China and I am impressed how modernized every building is. Every building is built from 21st century designs and the government has no problem taking your building and redeveloping it to modernize it.  The rebuilding serves two purposes. For one, it forces “homeless” people to work. Homeless? No problem, we have a job for you. If you are going to live and eat, you need to work. And that is exactly what China provides. Every healthy individual should be able to work and there is ample jobs available for the homeless to work.  So with America’s freedom, I think it is highly detrimental to society.  We have homeless people laying around, rotting the streets and not providing value for the country.  I think America needs to set a more work mindset for the homeless people where they are given ample opportunity for work.

Homelessness is a huge problem that should be fixed.  Being lazy and not wanting to work is a different problem. If you suffer from laziness and want to rely on the government for support, then you should not be helped. If you are disabled and need the government for help, you rightfully deserve to be helped in every way possible.

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