The Final Burial

Today was a very sad day. We woke up at 7am and Aunt Beili and OldXu came in to our house. We had our customary chinese  chat while everyone got ready.

We left the house at 8am to the funeral house. When we arrived, we saw Grandpa Yu’s urn. Upon seeing the Urn, Mom started bursting out in tears. The urn is covered in a wooden casket and we had to immediately wrap up the urn in a red cloth and the direct male descendent of Yu family had to hold it(me). We had strict rules such as I had to protect the urn from being exposed to sunlight. When I walk outside, someone has to shield me and the urn with a black umbrella from the sunlight. Kind of like a vampire.

We left the funeral house and drove an hour to the burial site. The burial site is the same place our both my grandparents from my father’s side resides. We arrived at the burial site, found Grandpa Yu’s burial site, placed the urn below the tombstone and sealed it up with cement. There was the gravedigger who accompanied us and he cemented the urn. His teeth was decrepit and he was hustling us for extra money. (That’s normal in China)

Then we did the final burial ceremony together with our entire crew consisting of Mom,Dad,Beili, OldXu and most importantly, Me.
The ceremony consisted of us burning incense, burning grandpa’s old clothes, burning paper money and burning other belongings that he might take with him to the after life. Mom cooked for hours last night and brought fresh food, which she layed on the tombstone for Grandpa. The idea behind it is that he will feast and eat well in the afterlife and the money and clothes we burn will be transferred to him as well. As we watch the last piece of cloth burn to ash, we felt a sigh of relief that the final weight on our chest was over. We had fully accepted grandpa Yu’s passing.

Afterwords we exited quietly and drove away in silence while grandpas spirit gazed at us lovingly in his new home.

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