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How To Learn Anything Faster

Do you want to learn something faster?

Do you want to be the top 5% at anything you do? Well you can if you do it the right way. You can either learn something efficiently through a smart and effective methods or you can learn something through trial and error. The first way will likely save you much of your precious time and you can become proficient in the fastest way possible. Don’t believe me? Ask Tim Ferris!

What I Did To Learn Faster

If you want to learn anything the fastest way possible, you need to learn this important skill called “Meta-Learning”. Back when I was an amateur gamer, I used to spend countless hours playing with no direct goal in mind. I was learning and getting better through trial and error.

Then I started taking my gaming career more seriously and I learned how to study the “Meta Game”. I copied the pros and learned what they did that made them so successful. I copied and emulated them in addition to incorporating it into my own design. As a result of studying what the pros did very carefully, I grew at an exponential rate.

This skill is called meta learning. It may sound easy but it takes a lot of creativity and trial and error yourself. Gaming is easy because it a much more linear skill. Real life is harder because there are so many other side attributes that are not accounted for.

Who Should I Study?

The most important question when trying to emulate someone more successful than you is to ask who you should study. I can study Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps in their respective sports all I want. I would probably not get anywhere near their level of skill even if I was given a decade to prepare. They have such a strong genetic and environmental advantage over me that I can not possibly compete. So my question remains. Who should I study?

You should study people who started off average like you and me. Preferably someone who mastered the skill at a later stage in life. For example, you take Shinji Takeuchi vs Michael Phelps. Both are extremely well regarded swimmers but Michael Phelps has a body designed to swim while Shinji did not.

Shinji Takeuchi learned how to swim at an old age of 35. He has since mastered swimming on a completely different level. You should learn from someone who is more successful than you but not someone who is extremely gifted where it offsets the learning advantage. Bo Jackson anyone?

Often times, the most naturally gifted people have a hard time explaining to others what is second nature to them. It would be very hard to emulate Lebron James in basketball. He is naturally faster and stronger  than you. Tim Duncan is a different story. In the NBA, he was known as Mr.Fundamentalist because he wasn’t the most athletic or flashiest player. He does everything by the playbook according to how things are done. As a result, he is very effective with not a lot of bling if you catch my drift. You should learn from people who are not the most naturally gifted but learned through effective techniques.

Sometimes you have to study the outliers rather than the average. The average doesn’t always give you the most accurate data. If you study the most elite bodybuilders, chances are, they could be doing something completely wrong with their workouts but it wouldn’t matter because they have so many other advantages over you.

A famous analogy by statisticians would be the following… If Bill Gates walked into a bar with a lot of people. The average net worth of the bar would jump up by 55 million. In terms of studying who the best people are, you should sometimes study the successful outliers and what they did to get to that level. Study the successful outliers not the successful averages!

Time Ferris’s DSSS Method

Deconstruct– Identify the key quality of the skills that you need to master. You should study people who are already successful and what they did to get the results. If you are a quantitative person, try to measure it.

Selection– Use the Pareto’s Principle to effectively choose what you need to learn.  The Pareto’s Principle states that 20% of your most important actions will give you 80% of the results. This ratio applies to everything in life, from business and dating. When you are doing wholesale,  20% of your customers will net you 80% of your profits. As a result, you can cut out the other 20% that barely give you profit and cause you massive headaches. This applies to dating as well. 20% of the most successful men would likely be able to attract 80% of the females. Ask yourself this very important question at all times. “What do I need to do now that makes everything else easier“. Often times when swamped with a huge list of things to do, you can eliminate your other tasks by doing 1 big thing to eliminate or make easier your other more menial tasks.

Sequencing– You need to focus on the optimal order in which to do things. Use small steps and figure out the the best ways to sequence it. For example, when learning to swim, you need to focus on the leg movements before the arm movements. Its just efficiency. Figure out what you need to do first. When in doubt, always ask yourself, “What skills should I master first to make everything else easier“?

Stakes– You need to be accountable. Publicize your efforts and if you fail, your friends can laugh at you. I am motivated by trash talking. I know that I have to back up my trash talking otherwise everyone will laugh at me if I fail. Find out what gets you ticking and start motivating yourself.

You can also use websites such as where you make promises to yourself and if don’t uphold it, you automatically donate to your least favorite charity. For some people it would be donating to the Trump team.


In order to learn anything faster, you need to break down the most important skills first. Figure out what are the most essential skills that you need to learn and then do your research on the most common mistakes that amateurs make. Make sure you mercilessly practice your skill

You then try to learn from someone who is more skilled than you. You learn from someone who isn’t naturally gifted but worked very hard and had all the right fundamentals. Learn the fundamentals first and foremost. Master it before any other skill. Once you mastered the groundwork, you can then start learning the more advanced stuff. Do not move on without mastering the the fundamentals.

How To Learn Spanish The Most Effective Way

  1. Study the 50 most commonly used words
  2. Study the sentence structure (verbs before noun or noun before words)
  3. Practice the most commonly used phrases
  4. Practice and read basic books
  5. Watch movies with subtitles

There are many ways to learn a language but here are the steps I am using to learn Spanish before my February 15th trip to Colombia

How To Get a Master To Teach You

You should get a master to help give you advice. Preferably someone who is older and was famous 5-10 years ago. The younger more famous ones probably would not have time to reply to your emails. The older ones are more likely to have the time. Tell them you are interested in their life and would like to write about their accomplishments. Most ex-famous people would be happy to feel appreciated again and give you a nice reply. Try it out and see how it works

If you are shy, email them a list of questions for them to answer.

This blog post is dedicated to Tim Ferris for teaching me this skill. I loved it so much that I felt the necessity to relay this message to all of you. Thank you for everything  and all the cool emails I got since I started this blog. I love you all!

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