Keeping Your Word!!

Keeping your word is very important for it impacts two relationships.  Keeping your word allows others to take you seriously and most importantly; it allows you to take YOURSELF seriously.  I cannot explain in detail how important it is to keep your word.  If you don’t keep it, you wont ever respect your own boundaries and your lack of self-respect will hurt you in the long run.

For example, there were many times when I didn’t keep my word with my ex-girlfriend.  I kept saying “I’m going to break up with her”, but during moments of weakness, I always went back to her.  This was probably out of fear of being alone and being lonely.  Eventually, this will develop into a habit where even she doesn’t take your word seriously.  The way I rectified it was by taking a leap of faith and actually making the jump and did what I promised myself to do.


The other times I don’t keep my word is when I become lazy.  I promise myself that I will go to the gym and that promise turns into an unfulfilled wish a week later.  When I feel lazy about it, I don’t show up.  It affects me because I cant keep a promise to myself nor take myself seriously.

Seriously, KEEP YOUR WORD and KEEP YOUR PROMISES. Other people will value your word more and begin respecting you.


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