Regret Diary

Fear Held Me Back & I Am Embarrassed to Say….

I am embarrassed to tell this story because I talk about conquering feared.  This time… I let fear conquer me….

I stopped at a Kansas gas station to get something…. obviously gas… There was a large dragonfly on the gas handle.  As the wind was blowing against the dragonfly, I saw its disgusting wings and felt a tingle of horror creep up on me.  I was so fearful and scared of insects growing up and that fear carried with me to my adult life.

Instead of taking my shoes and flapping the insect off, I went into the gas station and talked to the store owner.  I asked him to come outside with me.  Trying to fake my confidence, I said ” there’s an insect on the gas handle, is it dangerous?”  He laughed at me and flapped the insect off with his hands.  I knew the dragonfly was obviously harmless but I was scared and used the word “dangerous” as a prefix to save myself from embarrassment.  I am disappointed in letting that fear take me over.  What did I do wrong? I pussied out and shouldn’t have.  Next time, I will not.  This embarrassing moment will be entrenched in my mind forever.


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