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Cupping for Health?

Cupping is great for your health. It is an ancient practice that is similar to acupuncture.  However, unlike what you would expect, it started in Egypt.  Both Asians and Muslims use it for general health.  In fact, the Great Mohammed, to whom I will not display a picture of swears by it.

Cupping involves the use of multiple wood or glass cups placed firmly on your back.  The cups are places on the meridians of your body.  Each meridian is linked to one of your charades.  You will feel a slight pinching feeling when the cups are suctioned onto your body.  The belief is that bad blood and toxins are being sucked into the surface.  This will give room for clean blood to be circulated around your back and into the body.  You will thus feel better and everything will be goochie.

The darker marks on your back mean stagnant blood.  It seems like I have darker marks on my lower back.  I have been experiancing lower back pain so this does make sense.  We will see how I feel in the future but for now, I feel great. Placebo or not, 8/10, I would try again.


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