Colombia Next Month!

As most of my friends all know, I took a break from traveling and decided to stay home and settle in for 3 months. Needless to say, I am highly disappointed in myself for lazing out and not accomplishing the goals I set out for myself.

Not all is lost however, as I have been reading a lot and accumulating knowledge. I’m heading to Colombia next month and will be settling my sights on some very cool travel destinations. I will continue posting about my life and new projects to come.

Currently, I am working on my Rejection Therapy Videos where I will post videos of myself getting rejected in hopes that I will be desensitized to rejection. Rejection is a part of life and one needs not to fear it. I have no regrets getting rejected. I have regrets not taking the opportunities presented to me in life.

Currently, I am working on my long Cryptocurrency blog post.

I have been slacking and not doing enough work as I should have. For that I apologize to everyone reading this.

More posts will come. I love you all

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