Breaking Some of The Rules

Call me an asshole but I get ahead in life by breaking some of the rules.  I do not break ethics and morals but I break man-made rules.  Seriously, certain rules are completely outdated and serve no purpose but to punish us.  As the late great Steve Jobs once said ” Rules are created by people no smarter than you and I”. The only difference is those people got into power at an opportune time and created them.

We should break some of the man-made rules to help us get ahead in life.  As long as we are not hurting anyone, we can break some of the rules.  Through my travels, I have learned rule breaking  to my advantage.

If it is late at night and I am hungry.  Why don’t I kill two birds with one stone by ordering some food for delivery.  I will politely introduce myself to the delivery man and say I am the man who ordered the food.  He would have to give me a ride home ( which is not hurting him since he is doing it anyway) and he would get a handsome tip. If he refuses, then he loses out on the order and the tips.

Another example would be to put a piece of paper that looks like a ticket on my car to avoid getting ticketed.  I was able to park in San Francesco for a week and save myself about $200 in parking fees. There are many life hacks that is to be used and utilized.  The smartest people utilize it.

Happy Rule Breaking!!


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