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A Letter To My First Love, A Video Game

Dear Warcraft 3,

I want to say that I am writing this letter because I miss you so much. We were together during my formative years. We were inseparable for 10 years where I learned and honed my life skills with you. I was crazy and obsessive about you. I remember all those countless hours we would be online and gaming. The infrequent periods when I wasn’t online, I was offline studying how to play the game and learning the strategies. We have spent over 20 thousand hours together and I regret nothing of it. You taught me so much during those 10 years where you watched me grow from being a little boy to a teenager. I remember not eating for days while we were together. I remember drinking just water and only leaving your side to go pee in the sink right next to me because the bathroom would have costed me an extra 2 minutes to walk over. I couldn’t spend nights apart from you. During the nighttime, I would try to go to sleep but you were always in the back of my mind. For 10 straight years, we gamed together inseparably. Unfortunately, like all good things, everything must come to an end.

Our loving relationship wasn’t going to last forever and part of me always knew that from the very beginning. I was 18 and set off to college. Our loving relationship had to end and my world fell apart. It took me a while to finally get over you but eventually I did. During my college years, I still tried to keep in contact. But the work and school load eventually overwhelmed me. As my classes got harder, I had less time each day for us. I am writing this letter because I want to say thank you so much for all the good memories we had together. You were my first true love and my one true friend. I learned so much from you. I learned how to study a technical skill and gain a powerful competitive advantage over my rivals. This skill alone has given me multiple successes in life and in business. You taught me how to value my unique personality and not give a fuck what anyone else thinks. To this day, I still act how I want to act despite not everyone liking what I do. During my time playing with you, I was one of the most hated and beloved players in Warcraft 3. Half the population hated me because I used an unorthodox strategy and was a master at the verbal game. I would speak so well that enemies would be infuriated and be thrown off their game. Some people even quit once they found out they matched against me. I was so good that I even qualified for 2010 Blizzcon, which only the top 100 players were invited. I was the Donald J. Trump of Warcraft 3 because everyone loved me and everyone hated me. Even to this day, I kept all the lessons you taught me close to my heart. What I learned by being a famous wc3 player has exponentially improved my real life and I cannot thank you enough. Age well and age gracefully my love.


Love you always,


P.S. Here are photographs of various hater messages against me. I am NQ or NeverQuit and everyone called me a hacker because it was used as an insult though I never hacked.

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  • kodos_forsaken
    December 12, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    nice mh kid

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