The Most Expensive Ezoo Trip

So I just returned to the states and its been a blast. This week has been the most expensive trip of my life.

Starting on last Wednesday, I missed my flight from Shanghai scheduled at 1:40PM. I arrived at the airport at 12:40PM and Hainan Airline(a Chinese airline) would not let me in, citing a strict rule that passengers can not board 1 hour before departure. I arrived exactly at the one hour mark so I was screwed.

My only other option was to either wait 2 days for the next plane that takes off to the states or buy a new ticket on the spot. I value this experience with my friends over any type of money so I purchased  another plane ticket to arrive to USA for $730.

Fuck it right? I thought that was going to be it. Naaaaah nigga. You thought wrong… I was raving on Friday and then went in for the Saturday event. To my surprise, I forgot my ticket back at my friends house. Now I had two options. It was either I drive 3 hours on the road and miss a few sets with my friends or I buy another ticket for $200. Knowing that I didn’t have much time either way. I clicked the purchase button.

All in all, I spent over $1000 to spend a few days raving and chilling with my friends. Fuck it. I don’t regret any of it and that money grows on trees.

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